AeroCart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow

Worx AeroCart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow

Worx AeroCart is a Versatile 8 in 1 wheelbarrow that instantly converts in a dolly, yard cart, plant & rock mover, bag holder

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Worx Aerocart firewood carrier slider presentation

Wheelbarrow Firewood Carrier

Transform your AeroCart with this ingenious attachment in a smart way to carry the firewoods with 0 effort

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Worx Aerocart water bag attachment presentation

Wheelbarrow Water Bag kit

The AeroCart Water Bag Kit is the best tasks like watering the garden or carrying water for a construction site

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Worx Aerocart wagon kit presentation

AeroCart Wagon Attachment Kit

For all the housing and gardening jobs that are low to the ground, Worx AeroCart comes with a great solution – the Wagon kit

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Worx Aerocart snow plow kit presentation

AeroCart Snow Plow Attachment

In the winter time, transform your AeroCart into a snow plow with this smart attachment. No more snow in your way!

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Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow tub organizer kit presentation

Aerocart Wheelbarrow Tub Organizer

You can attach it to your Worx AeroCart, or you can use it as a truck organizer or tote for for all your tools and other items

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Worx AeroCart is the amazing innovative wheelbarrow that makes jobs around the house and gardens easier. It`s not just a wheelbarrow, it is an 8-in-1 portable workstation that reduces the numbers of items needed for gardening and householding

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Perfect for garden

With AeroCart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow you move flowers & rocks, you can plant & rearrange garden in a blink!

Multiple functions

Easy to use for different jobs, like lifting, carrying, moving and even watering, AeroCart is irreplaceable.

Ideal for householding

Moving furniture, carrying bulky items, clearing the snowy driveway is now done with the amazing AeroCart.

Appreciated by everyone

From children to seniors, men to women, everyone in the family loves it! AeroCart is very easy and safe to handle.

With Worx AeroCart`s remarkable configuration you get 400% additionally lifting power when compared to a conventional wheelbarrow. The auto-adjust and weight-diminishing properties, makes a 200 lbs (90 kg) load feel like just 15 lbs (7 kg). To be honest, the harder you push on the handles, the heap will feel more lighter.
Due to it’s remarkable design the AeroCart ¬†easily transform into 8 different tools that you must have around the house and garden. Most of all it can be used by people of all ages from kids to seniors.

Make sure you get the Worx AeroCart right now!