AeroCart Wheelbarrow Water Bag kit

Worx Aerocart water bag attachment presentation

With the AeroCart Wheelbarrow Water Bag kit, now you can have the most beautiful & healthy garden with this new Water Bag accessory by Worx.

Thanks to this new accessory: the aerocart water bag use Water Bag, Worx takes wheelbarrows to the next level and allows you to transform your Worx AeroCart 8 in 1 in a mobile watering station. With a storage capacity up to 20 gallons, The Kit is a great accessory for the Aerocart. Comes in handy for those watering tasks like maintaining the water supply of your livestock, watering the garden and even for the construction site when mixing concrete. The Kit is light, durable and includes a secure screw cap for better handling and includes an anti-slip tub liner, suitable for any wheelbarrow.  It folds for better storage so it is not taking a lot of your space. Now you enjoy watering flowers and even redecorate by simply attaching the Kit to your AeroCart in no time, with no tools!


  • Water Bag is a accessory special created for Worx AeroCart
  • Perfect for watering, even for mixing the concrete
  • Storage capacity up to 20 gallons
  • Folds for better storage

Buy now the AeroCart Wheelbarrow Water Bag kit and water your garden without effort!

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