AeroCart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow

Worx AeroCart

First of all Worx AeroCart is the amazing innovative wheelbarrow that makes jobs around the house and gardens easier.
Because of AeroCart’s clever design is not just a wheelbarrow but it is an 8-in-1 portable workstation that reduces the numbers of items stored in your garage and helps organizing things around your household.
Especially relevant is the fact that you can turn the AeroCart into a wheelbarrow, yard cart, snow plow, dolly and extended dolly mover, plants and rocks mover, bag holder or cylinder carrier and you can even use it as a trailer mover.
From now on thanks to AeroCart’s help every job around the household gets a lot more easier and you won’t need so many tools as you did before.
Therefore if you want to save storage space and you need a precious household help, purchase the ideal AeroCart.

Worx AeroCart is the perfect wheelbarrow, dolly, yard cart and much more

The Worx AeroCart easily converts from lifting to carrying or moving things such as plants, rocks, even heavy objects. The dolly flap allows you to move up to 300 lbs (125 Kg) of heavy duty goods items like fridges, furniture or washing machines. Thanks to the resting seat attachment now you can seat down when doing various jobs around the garden without the annoying back pains. With the AeroCart water bag kit, you can also water your plants and trees in garden without bending over.
Due to AeroCart`s unique design you get 400% more lifting power when compared to a traditional wheelbarrow. His auto-balance and weight-reducing properties, makes a 200 lbs (90 KG) load feel like only 15 lbs (7 KG), as a result, the harder you push on the handles, the load will feel easier.
Aerocart has the ability to ease the burden by exploiting the physics of leverage. Bowl shape is designed to focus the center of gravity directly over the wheel, creating such a perfectly balanced load that can be lifted and moved easily.

Ingenious design and easy to assemble

Because having 2 wheels while classical wheelbarrows have only 1, the AeroCart has the advantage of not tipping with heavy loads.
The wheels are large and wide enough; as a result the AeroCart remains stable on grass or soft soil and thanks to the flat tires, you will not have to worry about their swelling.
Due to the AeroCart ergonomic handles with soft grips, it can be folded for transport and storage a lot easier. It is made of steel with powder paint to withstand the scratching.
Being easy to assemble, no need for any tool, is ready in less than 5 minutes and you can enjoy all the benefits that AeroCart offers.

Make sure you get now your own AeroCart right now, and enjoy the various jobs around the household 

You can use the AeroCart as a:

 1. Wheelbarrow


First of all with the unique design, you get 400% more lifting power when compared to a traditional wheelbarrow or a yard cart.

AeroCart 8 in 1 Wheelbarrow

2. Yard cart


With AeroCart is easier to carry a heavy load opposite to a classic yard cart, because of its shape and flat tires that are not allowing the cart to get stuck in soil.

Worx Aerocart wagon kit presentation

 3. Dolly


If you need to change your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets, do not worry, AeroCart is equipped with a high power dolly flap. In conclusion, that will help you move heavy loads up to 300 lbs ( 125 KG )


worx aerocart dolly

 4. Plants and rock mover


Always when you have to move big flower pots or rocks, back-breaking is a big problem and often we need the help of at least two people. Therefore when it comes to rearranging your back yard, AeroCart is the perfect partner. Buy it from here and as a result you can move heavy pots and rocks finally by yourself, without back pain and headaches.


worx plant mover

 5. Firewood Carrier


Being more than a wheelbarrow, AeroCart will help you carrying  firewood by simply attaching Wood Carrier Kit.

worx aerocart firewood carrier

 6. Bag holder


The bag holder is ideal for leaves, trash or debris. Now you don`t have to worry anymore about spreading the leaves all around when you clean them because the frame and elastic band will hold the bag in firm position.


aerocart bag holder

 7. Cylinder Carrier


If you need to carry buckets, tanks or cylindrical objects, AeroCart will easily do it for you without spilling a drop.


aerocart Cylinder Carrier

 8. Trailer Tote


Worx AeroCart makes a job like trailer moving very easy with the innovative trailer tote. *This item is not included


aerocart trailer tote

In addition get your own AeroCart from here and simplify the hard jobs around the house with just one click!