Worx Aerocart Wagon Kit and Resting Seat Attachment

Worx Aerocart wagon kit presentation

The Worx Aerocart Wagon Kit Attachment is a must have tool


AeroCart Wagon Kit Attachment, provided by Worx is a comfortable help in the garden and around the household. Due to the clever design, AeroCart Worx is an indispensable tool around your home. It is perfect for use as a sitting place during the gardening tasks, or just use it simply as a place to rest. Buy it now and handle your AeroCart just like a yard cart or a hay wagon. While you plant or water flowers, you can just sit down comfortably. You don’t have to worry about the space because the cup can be used as a storage place for tools and materials.
You don’t have worry if the soil is moist and soft, because AeroCart Worx is equipped with flat tires that  won’t let the cart sink.

The AeroCart Wheelbarrow Resting Seat

Attach the Resting Seat directly to AeroCart whenworx aerocart resting seat in use is in wheelbarrow mode, and enjoy the comfort that it offers. Can be use as a rest place or a perfect seated work position. Made of a high-impact plastic, the seat is durable and waterproof .

Attaches in seconds , anywhere across the AeroCart`s frame and you don’t need any kind of tool.
Get rid of sweat flowing on your face, when you can sit down to work. In addition, using Resting Seat will allow you to do various jobs  and by comfortably setting the height, will allow you to rest your legs and back; furthermore, the effort is considerably reduced!

  • It is a accessory that can adapt to all kind of wheelbarrow
  • Ideal for seated work positions
  • No need for tools, ready to use in less then 5 minutes

How can you use your Worx AeroCart Wagon kit and resting seat attachment:

   ➤Great garden seatworx aerocart resting seat in use

AeroCart Wagon Kit is an ideal accessory for gardening and well deserved breaks . You can work without breaking your back and legs. You have to get now the AeroCart Wagon Kit. The Worx engineers designed this attachment so clever; due to that, you can enjoy rearranging your landscape right now without hassle.



➤Hay wagonworx aerocart hay wagon

When you want a beautiful house, you need all sorts of materials to maintain it. Most materials have a usual form, but there are some that can not be transported with a traditional wheelbarrow. This kit allows lifting the arms extension and inserting handles in hay wagon clips. This way you can carry whatever you need in household!


➤Wagon Cartworx aerocart wagon cart

Thanks to AeroCart Wagon Kit, now you don’t have to worry about overloading the cart and not being able to pull it. The weight carried is distributed to each wheel in part due to the 4 wheels. In conclusion the cart won’t be balancing; thanks to this innovation you won’t meet any struggle!



  • The Wagon kit is an attachment for Worx AeroCart
  • This attachement is all you need around your household
  • Perfect for gardening task
  • Thanks to it’s design is very easy to attach so you won’t need any tools
  • Due to the 4 wheels the cart won’t balance the load, in conclusion is very easy to manage

Make sure you get your Wagon Kit Attachment with Resting seat right now!

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